Packaging waste and recycling policy


Packaging waste and recycling policy

Our post-consumer packaging waste management policy is set out below. It is owned and endorsed by the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Board of Directors. Responsibility for the successful implementation of this programme belongs with every Coca‑Cola Hellenic employee at each level and function in the organisation.

Coca‑Cola Hellenic is committed to continually improving its environmental performance in the area of packaging and packaging waste. All Coca‑Cola Hellenic territories are committed to continuous improvement, which is measured and evaluated for effectiveness.

The Company supports the implementation of post-consumer packaging schemes in all countries. The objectives are to:

  • Co-own the country packaging management scheme (recovery organisation)
  • Participate as an active member of the Management Board of Recovery Organisations with the appropriate participation at a senior level
  • Own and take responsibility for collected material as members of authorised recovery organisations
  • Implement efficient recovery organisation schemes at the lowest sustainable costs
  • Develop and execute Business Plans according to the highest standards

To achieve these objectives, Coca‑Cola Hellenic:

  • Enhances post-consumer packaging collection schemes and supports the education and awareness of consumers
  • Engages in public awareness campaigns, selective waste collection education and anti-littering campaigns
  • Works with government and industry to create a legal framework in which economic progress, diversion of material from landfill and emissions reductions can be achieved simultaneously
  • Supports the view that public policy and regulatory interventions must encourage the development and implementation of appropriate technological solutions and enable the amendment of market mechanisms
  • Promotes the development and expansion of organised collections of post-consumer packaging materials at public events to avoid littering
  • Works to close the packaging loop in a sustainable manner
  • Is committed to invest in Bottle-to-Bottle Recycling Plants in all countries with sustainable resources, i.e. cost-effective and efficient post-consumer PET collection schemes
  • Includes packaging and packaging waste strategies in the annual business planning process to ensure that the subject remains an integral part of operations
  • Sets annual measurable food safety and quality objectives for all operations, and at group level, to ensure continuous improvement and compliance with all standards

Coca‑Cola Hellenic will endeavour to:

  • Influence policy, regulation and innovation by working to develop structured stakeholder dialogue, supporting the creation of equitable closed-loop packaging solutions, encouraging market mechanisms and promoting technological sorting innovations
  • Activate cross-sector packaging associations to support solutions for dealing with the environmental impact of used packaging and packaging materials
  • Ensure Coca‑Cola Hellenic consumers enjoy variety and freedom of choice in products and packaging options
  • Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of established post-consumer packaging waste management organisations
  • Continue to drive light-weighting efforts for primary packaging and encourage the use of reusable and more efficient packaging design
  • Continue to increase the recycled content of beverage packaging with emphasis on PET beverage bottles