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People, honesty, and adaptability - Galina Petrova's formula for a successful career

Тhe Employer Branding & Culture Programs Manager at Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria in an interview for Economy.bg

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Galina Petrova: "The Coca-Cola System strives for complete transparency, and our priority in developing our employer brand is to show the real situation and call things by their real names. I firmly believe that to be successful and sustainable in business, it is of the utmost importance to be honest - in your messages, your culture, and your partnerships. In every action. And here I would give a specific example - over the past three years, thanks to our #YouthEmpowered program, the Coca-Cola System team in our country has dedicated hundreds of hours to share knowledge and experience with over 16 000 young people on the threshold of their future careers. From a business point of view, the numbers are really impressive, but what is more valuable for us, in this case, is not so much them, but the inspiring meetings, live contact, and open dialogue with so many intelligent, ambitious, and open to new young people. Thanks to them, we not only give but also exchange knowledge and ideas. That's why I'm happy to be part of a bold company that constantly provokes and whose dynamics require adaptability and flexibility and contribute to adapting to the needs of business and people."

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