Maxim's story: There are no impossible things

I like being a part of Coca-Cola HBC, because I have unique colleagues, who are my friends, too. And I work for leading brands, which inspires me every day.

1. It is difficult for me, when …

There are no difficulties, there are just learnings. "The storm is not trying to overthrow you, but to make you stronger!"

2. The most valuable lesson I have ever learned is …

Impossible is nothing

3. Your favorite product in our portfolio?

It is not just one – Coke& Jack 😊


Each of us in Coca-Cola Hellenic family is unique, but we also have common characteristics – we are energetic, achieve high results, while we have fun together.

Maxim Lilyanov Team leader, Sales Function

5. How do you achieve high results? With persistence, result-orientation and patience.

6. Sales are … passion.

7. The good salesperson is … like a child – he/she always achieve own goals.

8. I am proud with … my colleagues and most of all – my team.

9. What would you fill in an empty Coca-Cola bottle?

Many shared moments with family and friends.

10. If you have 500 EUR, how would you double them in 24 hours?

There is no ready-made recipe. Everything is achievable with much and right effort.

11. Share with us something that few people know about you … I love Italy, I also studied Italian and in order to prove it I will translate my favorite Coca-Cola motto “tutto inizia con me” - “It all starts with me”!

team_02_smaller_resized team_02_smaller_resized


So, bring your uniqueness, join our team and RISE!