We have a responsibility for society, the environment and the world arround us. This is embodied in our DNA, together with our pursuit of sustainable development that creates value for business and society.

We consistently strive to reduce the amount of water and electricity used in our production, and to increase waste recycling rates. We also run one of the most important environmental initiatives in Bulgaria, My Green City, which aims to make our environment greener and more enjoyable for all.

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My Green City

My Green City, an initiative with our partners  ECOPACK Bulgaria and BirdLife Bulgaria (BSPB), has run annually for nine years. Through the work of our three organisations, the campaign is constantly expanding its scope, always with a focus on the real requirements of nature conservation in Bulgaria.

In 2017, My Green City focuses on the afforestation and cultivation of sites across Bulgaria, as well as on educating children and adults about how to behave in a way that sustains the environment.  

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We focus our efforts in several areas relevant to our business:

  • Protecting water sources

  • Energy and climate

  • Packaging and recycling

Protecting water sources

Water is essential for Coca‑Cola HBC Bulgaria, as it is a basic ingredient of our products. Accordingly, the company is very responsible in using this most precious natural resource. Coca‑Cola HBC Bulgaria invests in research, monitoring and predicting water resources especially in the regions hosting our bottling plants.

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Energy and climate

The company undertakes measures to manage the risks arising from climate change. We focus on energy efficiency improvements in our production facilities, conversion to cleaner sources of energy, reducing emissions throughout the product lifecycle, promoting energy efficiency awareness and initiatives, and adaptation to climate change.

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Packaging and recycling

Packaging is indispensable when it comes to providing consumers with high-quality products and protecting these products from contamination. Packaging materials, however, have a heavy environmental footprint. Accordingly, we assess these impacts and work to mitigate them at every lifecycle phase, from production to safe disposal.

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We have reduced packaging weight of Bankia PET bottles:

  • 0.5 l. PET — the earlier 12.1 g bottle was replaced by a twist-design PlantBotttle decreasing weight to 10.3 g in 2016
  • 0.75 l. PET — from 22 g to 17.2 g in 2017
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