Three Cents

Three Cents

Three Cents was founded in 2014 by a group of visionary bartenders in search of the perfect cocktail mix. Created by bartenders for bartenders, these are premium carbonated drinks without preservatives and artificial colorings. With numerous international awards, including Drink of the Year, Fastest Growing Brand, Best Taste, and others from institutions in the Horeca industry such as Difford's Guide, World's 50 Best Bars, and Mixology Bar Awards.

Coca-Cola Hellenic acquired the brand in 2022.

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Three Cents Soda


Cherry Soda

Unique combination of wild cherries and cherry kernels, results in perfectly balanced soda, ideal for slings and Collins cocktails.



Pink Grapefruit Soda

Crafting for making the original Paloma, Three Cents embodied the unique aroma of fresh grapefruits in a supreme beverage.




Pineapple Soda

Created to spotlight the tropical aromas of fresh, ripe pineapples, sourced from Caribbean and South America regions. Ideal to elevate your Tiki cocktails and rum long drinks.



Mandarin & Bergamot Soda

The combination of Bergamot & Mandarin aromas results in a unique soda ideal for long drinks and cocktails.




Sparkling Lemonade

Aromatic combination of fresh lemons and limes with the addition of the unique Australian finger lime.



Ginger beer

A fiery mix of fresh ginger and spices, ideal for mules' punches and non-alcoholic cocktails with a spicy kick.




Two Cents plain

Fresh premium soda with the perfect carbonation.


Three Cents Tonic



Aegean Tonic

Fresh and delicate. Aegean Tonic combines aromas of fresh cucumber, basil and mint to deliver the Mediterranean in your Gin & Tonic.




Tonic Water

A combination of spring water and high natural quinine. A Tonic Water the way is meant to be.




Dry Tonic

A Light tonic with 50% less sugar but without compromising in character or flavor. 




Lemon Tonic

The perfect balance of Mediterranean lemons and natural quinine for a zesty Gin & Tonic.


Tonic Water Zero


By combining the finest spring water and high-quality natural quinine, we have created a tonic water that accompanies your premium gins and vodkas.