Elena's story: Looking for a change

I started my Coca-Cola HBC journey relatively soon - almost two years ago - this compared to the “big pie” of the CCHBC population who are together with the company for 10 and more years.

Through the years and the process of gaining professional experience, I had the opportunity to work with companies in different sectors: FMCG, pharmaceuticals, advertising, real estates, my own consultancy practice. This was exciting journey full of success and lots of learnings and then ... there came a moment when I realized I need to find a place where everything fits for me … and this place is Coca-Cola HBC.  

I strongly believe working with the right company is two-way process – a choice both of the company and the employee. At the very beginning, during the interview process,  when  I was presented Coca-Cola HBC as organization two phrases just pinned in my mind - that all and everything is treated with “fairness” and “here … we are all with rolled-up-sleeves” (clarification for non-Bulgarians  - this means we are all hard-workers).  Exactly then I made my choice to be part of Coca-Cola HBC as my belief is that if you work hard and you are treated fairly for your work and efforts then success cannot miss you and such company can only be successful – it’s that simple.

One of the biggest advantages of Coca-Cola HBC is the company values that are close to the hearts of its employees. This actually is the foundation of a company culture I’ve never seen before, forming a place where the business never sleeps but keeping the atmosphere of a family.


The Senior Leadership Team and the management are very easy to reach, always ready to help not only via coaching and mentoring but with practical advice and actions. Colleagues are absolutely awesome – working hard, sometimes arguing, appreciating the work of each other and celebrating the common success, having fun together.

Elena Karakoleva – Dimitrova Senior Legal Counsel, Bulgaria

Coca-Cola HBC is a living organism – always on the move, constantly changing. And all this in fast pace. You definitely cannot get used or presume what will come up next. It may be considered as a challenge but it also very much depends on how one perceives it…. as for the time being in the company I didn’t have even one single minute of boredom. Personally to me this motivates me - this gives me an exceptional opportunity to learn through practical experience that is very rare to find: my work in Coca-Cola HBC is connected with all departments that from one hand provides me with different perspective of the business and practical knowledge that cannot be found in books, on the other hand it develops me personally by making me go that extra mile and grow, to explore opportunities and think out- of - the box for finding the best possible businesswise and legal solution.

And all these while working to support a portfolio of top world brands in each category! One cannot ask for anything more 😊!

Nothing to be added – it’s a great team and great company to work with!

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So, bring your uniqueness, join our team and RISE!