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Nevyan Petrov: We put the person at the center of the Employer Communications

People & Culture Director at Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria spoke to Economy.bg about Employer Branding, the tools for building it, and measuring their effectiveness

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Mr. Petrov, who are the people responsible for Employer Communication and Employer Branding in your company?

Formally, the responsibility for building and maintaining our Employer Branding is concentrated in a member of our team in the People & Culture department, whose role is to initiate and implement various projects and campaigns that help to promote it, and in this process we closely cooperate with the colleagues from “Corporate Affairs and Sustainability”. However, as it concerns our reputation as an employer, it can be said that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Outside of direct responsibility, I strongly believe that there are no better ambassadors for a company than its own employees, making all of us in some way responsible for the good name and the achievements of our company. And I will give you a specific example because I am convinced that when we talk about building an Employer Branding, it is not just about image, but about building an entire experience – during the past year at Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria, we parted ways with two colleagues who deservedly retired after having completed their entire career of more than 40 years in the company. It is an honor and responsibility for us to have such examples in our team because they speak very passionately about our Employer Branding and everything the company does and is.

As a matter of fact, there are already quite a few organizations in Bulgaria that have excellently developed Employee Assistance Programs, a great experience, career, and a personal development, but this is not always known outside. Therefore, we strive to set adequate expectations and through authenticity and pre-selected channels, build the right strategy to attract and retain the right people. Thanks to all of them for their trust and dedication!

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