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Krum Stoimenov: We strive to be a good example for our partners, customers and the whole of society

The Chief Financial Officer of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria answers the questions of Progressive magazine, in the special edition "Top 300 FMCG companies in Bulgaria"

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Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Bulgaria for another year is the leader in the ranking of Progressive magazine - "Top 100 FMCG Manufacturers in Bulgaria", where companies were weighed according to net sales revenue for 2022. You can read below a part of the interview with our CFO Krum Stoimenov, on the occasion of the achieved results.

What were the biggest challenges you faced in 2022 and what are the reasons behind the good financial results?

The biggest challenge in 2022 was the rise in the cost of raw materials and electricity, which form a significant part of the cost of our products. Although we have had another turbulent year, as market leaders we have a responsibility to develop the categories in which we operate in the long term. Therefore, striking a balance between securing short-term financial results and maintaining long-term demand and consumption for our products was of key importance to us. We are glad that we have successfully met the challenges, and that together with our customers and partners we have upgraded the results in our performance.

The entire interview with Krum Stoimenov can be found in the special edition of Progressive magazine - "Top 300 FMCG companies in Bulgaria".