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Jacklin Tzocheva: Leadership and growth have no gender, color or age

Our Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director spoke to Economy.bg

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What are the advantages of being a woman in business? On the occasion of International Women's Day, the Economy.bg team asked this question to 12 successful ladies in leading positions in companies from different sectors in Bulgaria. See what Jacklin Tzocheva answered:

Female business leadership is a constant challenge and responsibility, even more so in recent years when trends are changing at such a rapid pace. As the environment changes, the speed of information and digitalization changes, so does the way we live, including the way we communicate and do business. We are changing too. If until recently we as women had to prove that we were the best choice for a role and could handle large teams, complex projects, tight deadlines, and a host of external unknowns, today more is expected of us.

As part of the leadership team at Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria, I am also part of something bigger, namely our culture and the understanding that leadership and growth have no gender, color, or age. However, at the expense of this, they need a distinguishable and strong individuality, a willingness to defend categorical positions on important issues, authenticity, accessibility, and an inspiring example. As a woman, I firmly believe that we possess the necessary qualities to embody the collective image of all that and more.

Globally, women are slowly but surely making their way to the corporate top. Bulgaria is no exception to this trend. I believe that our country is among the countries with good opportunities for women's career development and with each passing year the stereotypes about professional gender inequality will decrease. Because today it is no longer enough, and it is no longer necessary, to be, above all, the strong voice that is heard. It is increasingly important that our voice is balanced with an audibility of different points of view, with warmth, assertiveness, resilience, and empathy. So regardless of gender, what is more valuable is that our leadership has a human face that draws people in and connects them to our vision.

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