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Super summer with Three Cents - who they are, where they come from and why they are top

A special interview for View Sofia with one of the founders of the brand - George Tsirikos

Three Cents 05.07.2023-Ciricos Three Cents 05.07.2023-Ciricos

The premium brand Three Cents was presented in Bulgaria with three special consecutive events - in Sofia at 5L Speakeasy Bar, in Plovdiv - at S.I.P.I., and in Varna - at Kultura Speakeasy Bar, and all three locations were visited by one of the four founders of the brand - George Tsirikos, a super nice and innovative person, who from View Sofia invited for an interview at the second. Here is part of it:

View Sofia: Hi George, thanks for the pleasure of talking. We’re curious to learn more about how the idea of creating the Three Cents brand came about? Did you expect that just a few years later the brand would establish itself as a super-premium sparkling drink?

G.Ts.: Three Cents brand was created when we found that there was a big gap in the market of mixers. In order to cover our needs as bartenders at the time with better carbonation and flavor we created our own unique mixers with the first one being the Pink grapefruit soda. The success of the brand was something that came naturally. The community embraced the brand and the uniqueness that it brought to the market. And that, of course, can only make us happy and motivate us to continue developing.

V.S.: Besides you, there are three other people behind Three Cents. Who is the connecting link in your team? What gives you mutual trust and what is the secret ingredient for this successful collaboration?

G.Ts.: From the beginning, there were no big egos. All of us were working to achieve a mutual dream that kept us always on the same path. Four people that think differently but always act together with the same goal.

And why Three Cents? Where did the idea for this name come from?

G.Ts.: The name actually comes from a certain period in America, around the 1930s, when the soda bars were very fancy. In those establishments, the cheapest thing you could buy was a glass of sparkling water that cost 2 cents and the customers used to order it by the amount they had to pay. If you wanted a flavor in your soda you had to pay an extra cent to add it. So, three cents was the actual amount of a flavored soda at that time. So, the name of the brand came very naturally to us when we were researching the history of sodas.

You can read the entire interview with George Tsirikos here.