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Emil Kolev: Development is a synonym for our production

Interview with the Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria’s Bankia Plant Manager - for HVP magazine

Emil_Kolev_int_03_08_2023_sm Emil_Kolev_int_03_08_2023_sm

Mr. Kolev, could you please share more about how the Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria plant in Bankia has been developing in recent years? Which are the innovations that help you improve your manufacturing processes?

I'm glad you used the word "development" because if I had to describe our production center in Bankya with just one word, that's the word I would use. We are delighted that the plant continues to build on its excellent results. We continuously invest in innovative technologies and processes that ensure energy efficiency, reduced resource consumption and support the achievement of our long-term business goals.

I have shared many times about all our achievements as we are genuinely proud of each and every one of them. And I will never get tired of talking about everything we do, as I believe a good example should be shared. One of our main goals is to reduce carbon emissions and minimize our footprint on the environment. Regarding that, we have negotiated the supply of electricity on the free market only from suppliers who guarantee that it comes from renewable sources. This led to an extremely important step for the plant, namely that we can boast of 100% green electricity consumption.

In the last 2 years, we have also introduced several product innovations, such as the tethered closures to the bottles, the design change of the 1 L bottles, and our large 5 and 11 L packs of Bankia mineral water.

We continue to look for new approaches to maintain our stable presence on the market, and I‘d like to share that none of this would have been possible without all the colleagues from the big family of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria, who work tirelessly every day.

You can read the entire interview with Emil Kolev in the current issue of HVP magazine.