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Interview with the Logistics Manager of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria for the special almanac "Logistics People of Bulgaria"

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Mr. Misarokov, how have the crises of recent years transformed the thinking and actions of logisticians? What mistakes should the industry not make again?

The last years have put us in front of trials that have brought us together extremely. We increasingly value the investments we make in the development of our people. Hard times have proven how flexible and adaptable we really need to be. It is true that our team has handled all the challenges very well, and we have managed to find the right balance in delivering a perfect service to the market at an optimal price, for which I am extremely grateful. Our competitiveness is recognized in the Coca-Cola HBC group, where, based on clear criteria and indicators, our team constantly improves its performance. In 2020, we managed to win 3rd place for "Best Logistics" in the group of 29 countries. We improved our performance in 2021 when we reached 2nd place and in 2022, we deservedly took 1st place with almost double the lead of the second-ranked team. We have learned a lot during these years. Fortunately, the hard times are now behind us, but the lesson we must not forget is that the challenges are different every day and we must be able to manage them adaptively. This is the difference between a good team and the best team.

You can read the entire interview with Borislav Misarokov in the new "Logistics People of Bulgaria" almanac issue.

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