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Anna Metaxas: The Macallan is a product of outstanding quality and distinctive character

The Macallan Brand Ambassador for Eastern Europe & Greece in an interview with Capital

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At the beginning of March, you united two worlds – that of coffee and that of whiskey in a special event for connoisseurs, with which you presented the new The Macallan Harmony collection. What of its unique spirit did you discover during the event?

The Macallan Harmony Collection is a limited annual release series driven by the brand’s inherent curiosity and its innovative and creative mindset. A collection exploring The Macallan’s future packaging journey, each release features distinctive packaging that incorporates organic by-products, that are reused and given new life. The second bottle of the collection comes in an innovative themed box made from 100% recycled coffee grounds - a natural by-product created during the drying process of high-quality coffee beans. With it, we celebrate the world of coffee. We were inspired by the Ethiopian Arabica coffee bean, which is the foundation of the limited edition single malt whisky Inspired by Intense Arabica. For the event in Bulgaria, we partnered with local coffee expert Fransisco-Daniel Lopez and created a unique experience around the journey of flavours both worlds share. I am delighted that the launch of Inspired by Intense Arabica has generated such widespread interest. Connoisseurs of quality whisky were able to enjoy a unique taste experience that combines subtle notes of espresso, tiramisu, dark chocolate and raisins in a remarkable way.

What more can Bulgarian connoisseurs of The Macallan expect this year?

The whisky mastery team at The Macallan are doing a phenomenal job of creating unique whiskies. Although I cannot give away too much, the year to come will undoubtedly bring connoisseurs incomparable whisky experiences to complement our core and limited edition portfolio.

For those eager to learn news of the brand first, participate in ballots and know more about our people, I would invite them to visit our website themacallan.com and join The Macallan Society.

The entire interview with Anna Metaxas can be found here.

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