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Carolina Vergnano: I drink my coffee as I live - fast, strict, espresso!

The CEO of "Caffe Vergnano 1882" on business as emancipation in front of Dir.bg

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Dir.bg has started the She Is The One in Business series with a beautiful Italian woman who finds her inspiration and love every morning at the bottom of her favorite pink cup of coffee - Carolina Vergnano, CEO of ‘CAFFE VERGNANO 1882’. Established in the picturesque town of Chieri at the foot of the Turin hills, CAFFE VERGNANO is a symbol of Italian espresso culture and tradition. It stands out for its high quality, authentic taste, and 140 years of experience in coffee production. One of the oldest coffee bakeries in Italy is currently in the hands of the third and fourth generation of the family Vergnano. And in our country, Caffè Vergnano is part of the 24/7 portfolio of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria. Our country was the first market of the Coca-Cola HBC group that started offering the popular Italian brand to its customers and consumers.


The aroma of coffee has been an integral part of Carolina Vergnano's life since those Saturdays when she was only two years old and spent the day with her father at the factory.

‘I have always been very close to the aroma of coffee. My parents used to work throughout the week, with mom being extremely busy on the weekends as well. When visited dad at work, we mostly checked the production and organized the schedule for the week in his office. The coffee factory is most clearly and descriptively characterized by the aroma of coffee that surrounds you as they pack the products or as you hear the machines roasting the beans. Amazing feeling! The aroma of coffee surrounds me like a perfume to this day, giving me a sense of comfort and home. Therefore, when I enter the factories - it brings me back nostalgically to my first memories as a child - how I was in my father's office and I imagined that I was also working in my own small office - organizing, arranging, observing,’ says Carolina.

She is in Bulgaria for the first time and she is adamant that we spoiled her a lot, because the first place she visits is the remarkable The Residence Exclusive Club, where she presents the international charity project ‘Women in Coffee’. It highlights the challenges women face in the coffee industry. Women in Coffee (WIC) is a project created in 2018 with the main goal of raising funds and supporting women in coffee plantations. Today, WIC expands its reach to support women in the coffee business around the world in their journey, regardless of which part of the business they are in - producing raw material or selling a finished product.

The whole interview can be found here.