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Bozhidar Ivanov: The man who devoted almost half a century to his work at Coca-Cola

Our longest-serving forklift driver shares some of his unforgettable stories from the past 44 years with the company before DIR.BG

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Bozhidar Ivanov is one of the few people who walked his entire career path in just one place. After his army conscription ended, he dedicated 44 years to the magic of Coca-Cola until his retirement in the fall of 2022. His professional journey began at the Stoyan Sulemezov soft drink plant back in 1978 as a forklift driver. Years later, the plant was renamed BENAKS, and in 1991, it passed into the Coca-Cola Hellenic family. With his inherent dedication and perseverance throughout his 44 years, Bozhidar has set an example for the company's forklift drivers and the rest of his colleagues. For a full 18 years, he has been re-elected as the representative for his colleagues before company management on several issues. For 10 years he was also a representative of the European Workers Council of Coca-Cola Hellenic.

Bozhidar is a family man and has a son to whom he has been able to pass on his love for the company, as he has also been part of the Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria team for many years. After his retirement, Bobby, as his colleagues call him, is ready to devote himself to his two-year-old grandson and his favorite hobby - fishing.

You have been part of the Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria family for 44 years. Can you tell us - is this a challenge or does the fact that you have not changed your workplace for so many years bring you security and motivation?

For me, the most valuable and motivating thing is that I have always loved my job. If the job is perceived as boring, monotonous, or just a duty and does not challenge you to use your skills, then it would not create high motivation. On the contrary, for me, working at Coca-Cola has always been interesting, varied and very dynamic. Over all these years, the company has never stopped changing and evolving, and we have changed with it. In my eyes, only a few important things have not changed - going to work every day with a smile, being able to take responsibility, and being able to achieve good results, which bring personal satisfaction. For me, Coca-Cola has been a way of life!

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