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A gesture, a word, and an open mind: Hristina Georgieva on the courage and intuition of women leaders

What the ladies in management positions know better than the gentlemen in the same positions and has Coca-Cola invented Santa Claus - the marketing director of the company shares to Dir.bg

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The series She Is The One in Business on Dir.bg meets the readers with a woman with more than 15 years of experience in marketing and sales in the FMCG sector in various industries, both on the Bulgarian and international market - Hristina Georgieva, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria.


"My career in the marketing industry began back in 2006, almost immediately after completing my master’s degree. Soon after, I learned my first important lesson, which is that I can make mistakes, but never the same ones twice. This is very much the essence of marketing. It's a science, but it's also based on intuition and a great deal of courage - to try to do something new without fear, and to feel pleasure and satisfaction from it", says Hristina Georgieva.

The most important characteristics of women leaders in the professions of the future are the same ones male leaders possess, she says. 

"But I think that there are some qualities that we women have better or, in other words, are more inherent in us. Namely empathy and emotional intelligence. I think that women, sometimes even unconsciously, know how to create an environment of understanding and inclusiveness - one that enables everyone, regardless of their differences, to give their best. And I'm really happy that in the company we strive to do just that - to accept people for who they are, to see their strengths, to help them reach their potential, and together to achieve the goals we have set. Because for us, leadership and development have no gender, color or age, but they have attitude and example." 

You can find the whole interview with Hristina Georgieva here.

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