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Nevyan Petrov: Social responsibility is encoded in our DNA

People and Culture Director of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria in an interview for MENAGER.NEWS - about the professional preferences of young people, investment in employees and volunteering as a value

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- Mr. Petrov, what is the profile of an ideal employee for Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria?

- I don't think we have an ideal employee profile, even when talking about a specific position. At Coca-Cola HBC, we believe that diversity in the workplace is the foundation of continuous growth and innovation, and it comes from people with different profiles, capabilities, knowledge, and experience working together, sharing ideas, and turning them into innovative projects with big impact and added value. However, if I had to summarize the three common traits that help an employee make a meaningful career in the company, it would be: proactivity, curiosity, and authenticity.

We are seeing the digitalization and automation of all processes accelerating and, in this regard, it is personal traits, and not specialized skills, that are proving to be extremely important. Of course, the more developed soft and hard skills a person has, the better. But the truth is that every professional needs certain qualities, but to varying degrees. That's why it's important to match the specific position to the competency profile, the employee will need on the job, so that expectations meet reality in our recipe for success.

The full text of Nevyan Petrov's interview you can find at the site of Manager.news