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A day at Work at Coca-Cola Hellenic Business Services Organization

Coca-Cola Hellenic Business Services Organization (BSO), based in Bulgaria, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

Coca Cola_24hoursADV Coca Cola_24hoursADV

The service center provides financial and human resources services for almost all Coca-Cola HBC markets in Europe and beyond, and in the 10 years since its foundation has become an integral part of Coca-Cola Hellenic, expanding its scope through standardization, simplification, and automation of processes. Some of the areas in which BSO operates are accounting, master data management, payments, collections and people administration in addition to analysis, forecasts and reporting in these areas thus supports the growth of the business of Coca-Cola HBC. The shared service center started its activities with only a few dozen employees working in the field of finance, data processing and human resources, and today the team consists of over 700 people from 14 nationalities.

We met with a small part of the people of the large and diverse team of the organization to tell us how one of their working days passes in the dynamic situation of hybrid work and working from home. Antoaneta, Nelly, Borislav, Ivaylo, Milena, Momchil and Kamelia reveal the secret recipe for achieving many successes and the smooth implementation of hundreds of projects in the last 10 years and share that the key is only one – teamwork.

Milena_Ilieva_01 Milena_Ilieva_01 Milena Ilieva - Senior Purchasing Administration Expert

The workday for all of them starts identically – early in the morning, with a cup of Costa Coffee, reviewing emails, arranging, and distributing tasks for the day and a short meeting with the team. The COVID pandemic and work from home in no way affect the cohesion of the team and hardly change their "morning rituals". Milena Ilieva - Senior Purchasing Administration Expert, shares that "morning coffee meetings in Teams" with colleagues have become mandatory, to continue their relationship with each other."

The exciting and unpredictable day continues in "anticipation of the new challenges that the new day will bring" shares Antoaneta Stoykova – General Accountant Country Lead. How the rest of the day will develop, no one can predict, as the work of the team is filled with many opportunities.

Antoaneta Stoykova_02 Antoaneta Stoykova_02 Antoaneta Stoykova – General Accountant Country Lead

The employees of the BSO Shared Services Center define every day as dynamic and unpredictable, for them the work routine is something very distant, and boredom is impossible.

So, what lies behind the word dynamic? Milena shares that "behind this word there are many challenges, creativity, opportunities and a lot of new knowledge", Borislav Todorov adds and confirms that "something unexpected happens every day." The team believes in the fact that doing their work with pleasure, is the basis of the dozens of successes and high productivity they mark. Antoaneta adds that "Working in such a large organization, we have many tools that help us be productive and think about the best way to complete tasks."

Achieving high results is a lot of effort and dozens of hours of work. As in any team, so in this one, from time to time someone shows insecurity and shares that they might lack confidence.

Nelly_Ivanova_03 Nelly_Ivanova_03 Nelly Ivanova - Omega-CPI Lead

But as with any other difficulty, so is with this one, the team of the organization goes through it together. Nelly Ivanova – Omega-CPI Lead, reveals her recipe for dealing with difficulties – "I discuss with colleagues, so they can share an opinion or just to talk about the topic together. I go back to times when I have felt insecure about something else, but in the end, I have succeeded, and I was happy with the result. These words are another proof that the basis of any successful team is trust, daily support, and mutual motivation.

And how to find the daily motivation? Of course, in the team and as a result of a job well done. Kamelia Dimitrova – HR Business Partner, says that for her there is nothing more valuable and motivating than to see "The end result of each task I have undertaken."

Kamelia_Dimitrova_04 Kamelia_Dimitrova_04 Kamelia Dimitrova- HR Business Partner
Borislav_Todorov_05 Borislav_Todorov_05 Borislav Todorov - CM Controller

There is no trick in terms of productivity in the team – everything is strict, accurate and precise, and everyone does their job with enthusiasm and satisfaction.

In terms of productivity, Borislav Todorov – CM Controller, shares his little secret – "I try to arrange my commitments so that nothing is left for the last minute. It gives me freedom when something urgent arises.

The productivity of BSO during the COVID-19 pandemic not only did not decrease but the opposite - increased. The team says that the working day goes imperceptibly, and Ivaylo Ivanov – BSO Master Data Governance Leader, adds that "with the people and technology we had, we were ready for this step."

Ivaylo_Ivanov_06 Ivaylo_Ivanov_06 Ivaylo Ivanov - BSO Master Data Governance Leader

For his colleagues, Borislav Todorov shares: “We have successfully managed to adapt to the new way of working and communicating. Such a radical change was unthinkable for me, but I am glad that we managed to cope and achieve very good results due to teamwork".

After all, it's important how everyone on the team feels at the end of the day. And the employees of the Shared Services Center unite around one word – satisfaction.

Momchil_Shoylev_07 Momchil_Shoylev_07 Momchil Shoylev – HR Processes Senior Specialist

Momchil Shoylev – HR Processes Senior Specialist, confirms this with his words that for him the satisfaction is "the thought that I have contributed something to the company’s."

Ivaylo shares that he feels content and completely satisfied when he "did everything in his power".

Given the ever-changing business environment and the hectic daily lives we live in today, even the employees of the organization cannot determine what lies ahead for them. The team of the organization is sure of one thing – no matter what comes next, they are ready to face together all the challenges they had to face and embark on another exciting adventure that is offered to them.