Corporate Charitable Contributions Policy


Corporate Charitable Contributions Policy

Our Corporate Charitable Contributions Policy is set out below.

At Coca-Cola HBC we are determined to create value for all stakeholders by supporting the socio-economic development of the societies in which the business operates. As a subset of our community engagement strategy, charitable contributions are an integral part of that value creation. Over the years, our charitable donations and other community investments have evolved from standalone philanthropic initiatives to long-term, group-wide programmes closely linked to the business priorities and material issues.

While we continue to work on issues of local relevance, particularly emergency relief, we have prioritised three programme areas that are of critical importance for us:

∙ Empowering youth and women;

∙ Achieving a World Without Waste;

∙ Establishing water stewardship initiatives.

The purpose of this policy is to reflect the scope, processes and controls that are to be employed to ensure charitable actions under the prioritized areas are carried out with fairness and due diligence and are reflective of our core values and community approach.