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Juiced Monster Mango Loco

On the eve of October 31st each year friends and family gather to celebrate “Dia de Los Muertos”. Marigolds, mysticism and memories combined with food and drink entice the souls of the departed to join the party.

Mango Loco is a heavenly blend of exotic juices certain to attract then the most stubborn spirit.

Crazy good taste with just enough of that Monster magic to keep the party going for days…

Flavour Profile: Juicy mango

Unleash The Beast!

Juiced Monster Mixxd Punch

There’s always someone who likes to mix things up at a party. The DJ mixing the music or someone mixing the punch bowl to get the party rolling.

At Monster, we like to stir things up a bit too and inevitably our next great concoction comes to life.

Monster MIXXD, a tropical punch sensation packed with a full load of our Monster Energy blend. It’s sure to get the party started, day or night!

Flavour Profile: Tropical Punch

It’s sure to get the party started, day or night!

Juiced Monster Pipeline Punch

Banzai Pipeline, the world’s most famous wave, on Oahu’s fabled North Shore comes alive for just a few brief months every winter. In honour of this epic force of nature, we created Juice Monster Pipeline Punch.

The perfect blend of the best flavours Hawaii has to offer – passion fruit, orange and guava, then “Monsterized” with a full load of our famous energy blend.

And, just like the wave is named for, it is destined to become a legend!

Flavour Profile: Passion Fruit, Orange, and Guava

Unleash The Beast!

Juiced Monster Pacific Punch    

Lighter, less sweet and more complex. A flavour as deep and wide as it’s name sake the great Pacific.

Naturally, we added our Monster Energy Blend to help put wind in your sails and keep you steady and on course, no matter how rough the seas.

Pacific Punch; your adventure awaits arrgh…

Flavour Profile: Classic Fruit Punch

Unleash The Salty Beast!

Juiced Monster Monarch

There’s this theory that something as small and inconsequential as the flapping of a butterfly’s wings can be the trigger that results in a hurricane.

Monster Monarch, named for the humble butterfly, has a light subtle flavor with hints of peach and nectarine.

You could say it’s delicate and not too overpowering but get ready to experience your own “Butterfly Effect” as Monarch has a full load of the legendary Monster Energy blend.

Flavor profile: Peach and Nectarine

Unleash The Beast!

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