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Borislav Misarokov: Throughout the year we steadily built on all business results

The Logistics Manager at Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria answers the questions of the “Progressive” magazine

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How has your business developed over the past year?

Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria continues to grow steadily, generating growth in sales volumes in 2023, both relative to our business plans and previous years. We had the opportunity to produce additional volume to underpin the dynamics at the national and group levels. In line with the growth in scale, commitments in the Logistics team have increased to ensure sustainable processes in order to deliver competitive services at optimal costs.

Are you satisfied with the results?

We are delighted that the team's achievements have in many ways exceeded our expectations. Throughout the year, we have steadily built on all of our business results and continue to lead the Coca-Cola HBC group of 29 countries. We delivered a very strong performance in the “Market Servicing” and “Refrigeration equipment servicing”, where we are close to 100% with growing sales volumes. We have been successful in balancing and managing costs through a number of internal initiatives in Logistics aimed at simplification and greater efficiency in processes, as well as cross-functional ones with the rest of the company.

The safety and health of our people have always been a top priority for us, and in this regard, the sustained 0 incident results at our locations, as well as the reduction in incidents per million miles, are particularly valuable. The use of innovative techniques and tools is part of our daily routine, thanks to which we make things easy and improve our performance. But most importantly, we have a great team behind all these results. Our progress would be impossible without their high motivation and commitment, as well as their dedication and adaptability in difficult moments. And all this is the key to our success.

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