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Iva Mihova-Mitrovska from Coca-Cola HBC: My greatest teachers are my two sons

The manager is responsible for the company's regulatory affairs and public communications and knows that every difficulty, fall or setback is a challenge to overcome

Iva_Mihova Iva_Mihova

With the beginning of autumn, the Dir.bg team begins a series of conversations about success and women's secrets for attaining it. The She Is The One in Business project continues with a candid conversation with a lady who knows more than just one recipe for sustainable business growth. Iva Mihova-Mitrovska is the Public and Regulatory Affairs Manager at Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria. With 12 years of experience in the fast-moving consumer goods business, she manages the company's institutional, regulatory and local government relations, working closely with and participating in key industry associations, chambers of commerce and employer organisations. At the same time, she leads and participates in company sustainability and innovation projects.

How does a lady survive international business? The recipes are certainly more than one, says Iva, but she believes that they all include the ingredients of thorough preparation and understanding that you will have to work hard.

"For every position I've held, I've studied thoroughly and done what I can to be as prepared as possible. When I encounter new ideas and concepts along the way, I always try to dig deep and learn more about them, to build on my knowledge and experience," she says.

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