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Free Coca-Cola Academy (Light) course reveals trends in marketing at SoftUni Digital from 24 April

The online registration for the training is open until 22 April

Coca-Cola-Academy-Light Coca-Cola-Academy-Light

The Coca-Cola System in Bulgaria and SoftUni Digital is organizing a free training Coca-Cola Academy (Light), which will reveal the intricacies of creating and implementing the strategies behind some of the most popular soft drink brands worldwide.

Enrolment for the course is open until 22 April, and the training is suitable for beginners and all those with some marketing experience and who speak English at a beginner level.

The Coca-Cola Academy (Light) will kick off on Monday, April 24, and for two weeks, top experts from the Coca-Cola System across the country will lift the curtains around key principles and trends in marketing and commerce. It will kick off with the topic of building a strategy to launch an innovation in the current market environment, refracted through the prism of a topical product solution. This will be followed by the dynamics of online channel management and why it is so different from traditional channel management. The local selling point is an essential factor and during the academy, it will be explained why it is important to keep the consumer engaged with the brand and how this can be achieved. The company's experts will also reveal several practical techniques from their professional experience and as a bonus for all attendees, the topic of the 12 strengths of marketing leaders that underpin success and result satisfaction for both consumers and the company will be opened.

Course participants can view the lectures online from anywhere in the world and at their convenience, and the materials will be available only to registered users.

The Coca-Cola Academy (Light) is held in partnership with SoftUni Digital, as part of the Coca-Cola System's education program in the country - #YouthEmpowered. For the past 6 years since its inception, the program has trained over 22,000 young people from different regions of Bulgaria, who have received valuable advice and lessons, developed their skills, and contributed to their successful realization in Bulgaria after completing their education.

The #YouthEmpowered program promises a new series of exciting encounters and learning initiatives until the end of 2023 that will be young people's intersection with business and continue to develop their skills and potential.

Anyone can sign up for free HERE.