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#YouthEmpowered supports the personal and professional development of young people with a podcast

The program of The Coca-Cola System in Bulgaria continues with 10 episodes of the original podcast “From A to Z”

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With a podcast, aiming for personal development and career guidance, The Coca-Cola System in Bulgaria will support young people in the country again in 2021. As part of its educational program #YouthEmpowered, Coca-Cola will support the original podcast of Yulian Karadzhov “From A to Z” – part of the media platform for young people Teen Station. 10 episodes of the polythematic podcast that is aimed towards students and teenagers, will become a reality with the support of #YouthEmpowered and will introduce the listeners to interesting individuals, who they can find inspiration from for the successful start of their career path and their personal and professional development.

The first episode, part of the series, is already online, and the host introduces his audience to the author of “3 minutes Bulgaria” – Martin Grahovski. The subject of their conversation is travelling and how travelling helps the development of people. In the next episodes, Yulian Karadzhov will continue to speak with many interesting interlocutors, part of who – specialists from the team of the Coca-Cola System in Bulgaria. “From A to Z” can be listened to at https://www.teenstation.net/youth-empowered-martin-grahovski/, in Spotify and Mixcloud.

The podcast “From A to Z” is part of the network of Teen Station, the first ever media platform created by and for young people in the country. The project gives an adequate to the time and the interests of young people media, in which they create content themselves, consulted by professionals from various fields, by their teachers and by business representatives. Their product is public, and this gives an opportunity for their teachers, parents and the whole society to be closer to and more aware of the needs, interests and way of communication of the next generation. Under the mentoring of professionals who have already proven themselves in the business, the platform Teen Station actively engages more than 240 young people in the country and successfully maintains a program for teenagers who have gone through trainings for trainers.

The focus of the episodes of “From A to Z” is on the personal development, the role of mentors that people meet in their lives, on inner motivation for learning and development and the efforts that contribute to the progress of the individual. During honest conversations, the host Yulian and his interlocutors talk about both their achievements and their failures. The subjects can vary from adventurous stories to psychology.

Yulian Karadzhov is a twelfth grader with an interest in journalism and the media. His relationship with Teen Station began in the beginning of 2020 and with the idea of a podcast that materializes in the form of “From A to Z”. Before he began to make podcasts, Yulian spent a greater part of his time with a camera in hand. Photography remains one of his favorite hobbies, along with mountain trekking, climbing and skiing, which he likes to practice in his free time. One year later, the making of podcasts and media content becomes his passion and something that he is sure he wants to continue doing going forward. Thanks to his work with Teen Station, he manages to make a choice about his higher education and in the end he enrolls in Media Studies.