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The Coca‑Cola System in Bulgaria gratuitously provides advertising as a part of a programme supporting its commercial partners

The value of the investment programmes of The Coca‑Cola System in Bulgaria in the communities, the small commercial outlets and the HoReCa industry from the beginning of the pandemic up to date adds up to over BGN 1 096 000

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The Coca‑Cola System in Bulgaria starts up a special programme for supporting the restaurant industry. Possibility for personalized advertisements shall be provided through it to over 800 restaurants and cafes in the country. Thanks to the programme they shall obtain access to automated brief advertising formats with personalized photographs and text. The advertisements will be developed free of charge by the company and supported by a budget for local online advertising for a period of two weeks during the period 16.07-30.09.2020.

Making use of the power of our brand and the creativity of our people, we would like to help for the active recovery of our partners in the HoReCa industry. We will also soon start up a new advertising campaign, which will be implemented in stages in summer. It was created to inspire us all – better to build up our world, assessing all the things we have perhaps taken for granted prior to that.

Evelyne De Leersnyder Country General Manager of The Coca‑Cola Company in Bulgaria

The Coca‑Cola System in Bulgaria has suspended its advertising campaigns during the past 4 months and focused its resources onto two phases of support by a number of activities in help of vulnerable and affected by pandemic COVID-19 local communities.

Rendering assistance to frontline health workers in 26 medical treatment facilities in the country with over 170 000 liters of drinks was the main focus of the initiatives in the first phase of the support. Vulnerable groups of the population obtained support by over BGN 340 000 from The Coca‑Cola Foundation through the United Against COVID-19 Fund and over 300 prepaid advertising spaces were presented to the Bulgarian Red Cross for their donation campaign “Together Against COVID-19“.

The global pandemic of COVID-19 of the last few months faced all of us – the people, the communities, the businesses with difficult life and economic challenges. But we also became witnesses of countless manifestations of kindness, courageousness and mutual assistance.

To support our commercial partners – hotels, restaurants and cafés, which always constituted an integral part of our system, as well as the small business and the vulnerable communities in Bulgaria, we, in cooperation with Coca‑Cola HBC Bulgaria and The Coca‑Cola Foundation commit ourselves to a number of various initiatives throughout the country“

Evelyne De Leersnyder Country General Manager of The Coca‑Cola Company in Bulgaria

The second phase of the support directed at the recovery of the small business and the HoReCa channel started up at the end of the month of May. The beginning was set with „The Neighborhood Shop“ programme, at which nearly 500 small commercial outlets in Bulgaria were assisted with a total amount of BGN 100 000. The Coca‑Cola System in Bulgaria also got involved in the national initiative for rendering support to tourism in the country – „ReDiscover Bulgaria“.

In help of overcoming the crisis with pandemic COVID-19, The Coca‑Cola System contributed with over BGN 1 096 000 in support of the communities in Bulgaria and those most affected by the pandemic. The system will continue doing so by focusing resources, initiatives and actions in support of the affected communities in the country aimed at their recovery, coping with the economic consequences of the country and adaptation in the new world in the next few months as well.

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