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Coca-Cola launches a free Digital Academy at SoftUni Digital

Communication and marketing experts from the The Coca-Cola System in Bulgaria share their experience with young people

Digital Coca-Cola Academy @SoftUni Digital Coca-Cola Academy @SoftUni

Coca-Cola launches a free digital academy that aims to improve the skills and widen the scope of competencies of young specialists in the field of marketing and communications. The digital academy, in partnership with SoftUni Digital, is going to reveal the nicety of the creation and implementation of strategies behind the most popular soft drinks worldwide. Experts from the The Coca-Cola System in Bulgaria are going to share what are the main principles and trends in the field of marketing and communications, how the approach to presenting the portfolio on the market is changing and adapting in a dynamic environment and what are the ways for successfully reaching consumers, image building and socially responsible programs.

The initiative that is part of Coca-Cola’s program #YouthEmpowered for supporting the career development of young people coincides with the 55th anniversary of Coca-Cola in Bulgaria. Led by its devotion to this cause, The Coca-Cola System in Bulgaria decides to celebrate the anniversary by providing young people in the country with the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge directly from leading specialists that work for one of the most well-known brands worldwide. For the last 4 years since the beginning of #YouthEmpowered here, over 200 specialists (136 of whom are employees of the system) have spend more than 3200 hours in teaching 7750 young people in the country.

The Coca-Cola Digital Academy at SoftUni Digital is a natural extension of the efforts of the company in support of the education of young people in the country that were implemented entirely in the form of online sessions since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The academy will begin in November and will continue for 5 weeks with 10 lecturers from different departments and you can register here https://digital.softuni.bg/trainings/3353/coca-cola-digital-academy-november-2020.

Among the topics that the experts from Coca-Cola are going to present at the Digital Academy are management of brands, e-commerce, portfolio management, corporate communications, corporate social responsibility, etc. The courses are completely free of charge and suitable for students in their final stage of study, graduated students as well as beginner specialists in the field of management of brands, marketing and communications.