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Maria Bakalova was a motivational guest at the Annual Leadership Conference of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria

The event brought together company leaders from all over the country

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Maria Bakalova was a special motivational speaker at the Annual Leadership Conference of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria, which gathered 250 company leaders from all over the country. In an exciting conversation with them, Maria shared the challenges on her journey from Burgas to the Oscars and what she believes is the secret formula for achieving great and global success. The Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe-nominated actress revealed to the company leaders her belief that luck only comes to those who prepare for it with hard work and effort. The point of her visit was to inspire those in attendance to not limit themselves in the goals they set for themselves, and to convince them that with the right attitude, any goal is achievable. Despite the recognition and the acknowledgment, she has received, Bakalova said that she has no intention of stopping there and plans to build on herself and look for new ways to succeed. At the meeting with the leaders of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria, she revealed how one can surpass oneself and told how she has already planned her work for the next 4 years and that she is preparing over 20 projects in this period.

“Great successes require audacious dreams turned into goals. If we can think it, we can do it.” – said Maria Bakalova during the event.

The Coca-Cola System in Bulgaria consists of 5 companies and plays an important role in the country's economy, employing 3,000 people. The company's main priorities include caring for people and developing their potential and skills. This is why the System invests annually in building the best teams in the industry. The company encourages the constant pursuit of development through the enrichment of functional knowledge and skills and the honing of leadership capabilities. In this context, it organizes a number of programs and events, including the Annual Leadership Conference, that are directly targeted to the specific needs of each team member.

Locally, Coca-Cola HBC produced over 353 million liters of beverages at its plants in Kostinbrod and Bankia last year alone. In addition, the amount of taxes paid by the company in Bulgaria is equivalent to half of the government spending on cultural activities for one year or the annual spending on education for approximately 110,000 students, which once again confirms the social and economic role of the company in the country. Every BGN 1 spent on Coca-Cola beverages generates BGN 0.75 in revenue for Bulgaria and the economic contribution amounts to 0.5% of the country's GDP.

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