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10 years in 10 questions

This year is different and special for many reasons, but for the people who work at the Coca-Cola Hellenic Business Services Organization (BSO), the year is extremely important for one main reason.

dnesbg-visual-2 dnesbg-visual-2

The center is celebrating its 10th anniversary. 10 exciting years since Coca-Cola Hellenic chose to position and develop its shared services center in Bulgaria. For 10 years, the organization has been providing finance and human resources services, dealing with accounting, collections, payments, master data and people administration, analyses, forecasts, and reports for almost all Coca-Cola HBC markets in Europe and beyond its borders. For the last 10 years, BSO has been developing extremely fast, constantly expanding its scope of activities by standardizing, simplifying, and automating processes.

All this would have not been possible without the tireless and united team of 663 people from 14 nationalities. For this reason, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Coca-Cola Hellenic Shared Services Center, we will meet 8 people who are just a small part of the large and diverse team of the organization from the very beginning. Borislav, Radoslava, Desislava, Kremena, Eva, Dilyana, Antoaneta and Sofia will answer 10 short questions, share with us what made them fall in love with their work, remember their first working day, reveal what they learned in the last 10 years, and give valuable advice to anyone who would like to join their large and cohesive team.

The employees of BSO are extremely positive and united, and share with a smile on their face the main reason why they decided to become part of the organization's team 10 years ago.

1.      Share with us the reason why you started to work in BSO?

Eva Zafirova_new Eva Zafirova_new

It happened completely by accident, I had not planned it. They invited me for an interview, then for another one... and that's how we started to like each other. And I love Coca-Cola!

The opportunity to work in a corporation like Coca-Cola, which is the most recognizable brand in the world.

Desislava Todorova_new Desislava Todorova_new

2.       Can any of you tell us about your first day at work?

Sofia Tsotova Sofia Tsotova

I was very excited about what was coming but also uncertain and unsure if I would be able to cope, but when I arrived, I saw people eating pizza and having fun at work and I immediately felt that I wanted to work in this friendly atmosphere.

3.       And was there a specific moment that made you fall in love with your work? What is it?

A certain moment – no, but I am extremely inspired when together with the team we managed to achieve a goal that seemed unattainable. The feeling is amazing when things happen.

I think that applies to all of us.

Radoslava Tsvetanska Radoslava Tsvetanska

4.       Tell us what motivates you to continue working at BSO?

Antoaneta Stoykova Antoaneta Stoykova

To me, it is the opportunity to be surrounded by these knowledgeable and responsive people I can count on and learn from every day.

5.       And what is the reason for choosing to develop exactly in BSO?

BSO is a wonderful company in terms of values and vision. Working in this fast-growing and dynamic environment with a team of motivated people is the reason why I chose to develop in it, as well as the opportunity for professional and personal development.

Kremena Bojinova_new_02 Kremena Bojinova_new_02
Sofia Tsotova Sofia Tsotova

For me, BSO was a new company, the little brother of the big Coca-Cola, which had yet to grow, develop and rediscover many opportunities. It was also my chance to outdo myself.

6.       What are your 10 favourite things in your job?

I will allow myself to speak on behalf of all of us, as I am sure that our favorite things overlap. First and foremost, of course, is the team I work with. Then I would put the knowledge I am gaining, the convenient location, and the flexible working hours. My fifth favorite thing is the development opportunity that my work gives me and the interesting seminars I have the opportunity to participate in. I also like the fact that thanks to BSO I achieve a balance between working in the office and working from home. The possibility of working with modern software programs, as well as the additional health insurance is not left behind. Not to mention our favorite company events, team building, Christmas parties, etc.

Eva Zafirova_new Eva Zafirova_new

7.       What are the most important factors that underlie your decision to be part of this company for 10 years?

Borislav Todorov_new_02 Borislav Todorov_new_02

For the time I had spent in the organization we had both happy and quite difficult moments. For me, Coca-Cola has a culture and values that it strictly follows in every situation. The vision and the faith in the employees is the thing that impressed me the most.

The dynamic environment, the opportunities offered by the company, and the great team.

Dilyana Dilyana

8.       What have you learned in the last 10 years (both in personal and professional plan)?

Desislava Todorova_new Desislava Todorova_new

I am sure that we have all learned a lot both professionally and personally, and the most valuable thing is that the environment gives us the opportunity to learn every day. BSO and CCH have undoubtedly taught me flexibility, a number of communication and social skills, and most of all, it inspires me to always strive to help people and the team.

I learned a lot both professionally and personally, and I continue to study every day. If I can give 1 example, professionally I learned how important it is to be proactive and to be able to work in a team, in order to achieve my goals, and personally - how important it is to always find time for yourself and your family.

Antoaneta Stoykova Antoaneta Stoykova

9.       How have the changes in BSO during these 10 years affected your work process?

For the past 10 years, BSO has grown as an organization right in front of my eyes, while I was growing with it. I remember the first difficult months when we took over the processes from the countries and we were overwhelmed with a huge amount of work. We were very enthusiastic, despite the many unknowns in the work.

I can confirm that we have come a long way in the development and proving. I am proud to have witnessed this dizzying development and to be a direct participant in these processes.

Kremena Bojinova_new_02 Kremena Bojinova_new_02

10.       And finally, as people who have been working at BSO for 10 years, what advice would you give to those who have recently started working with you or are about to start working at BSO?

Radoslava Tsvetanska Radoslava Tsvetanska

If they want to work in a positive environment, with opportunities for personal and professional growth - they have chosen the right place. Of course, success requires a lot of work and dedication.

Do not give up. High results require time and a lot of work. And the best part is that in the end everything is rewarded.

Eva Zafirova_new Eva Zafirova_new