The two companies shared details regarding their partnership at Vasko Vassilev's exclusive annual concert at The Residence Exclusive Club 

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Scottish distillery The Macallan and British luxury car manufacturer Bentley Motors have for the first time pulled back the curtains on their collaboration in the name of their common vision for a more sustainable future. That happened during the annual concert of the world-famous Bulgarian violinist Vasko Vassilev in the heart of Sofia on June 14th, at The Residence Exclusive Club – the only private club in Bulgaria to hold the title of “Spiritual Home of The Macallan”. The event was part of the club’s diverse cultural program and brought together a number of representatives of the business, media, and cultural elite of Bulgaria, who had the opportunity to enjoy the virtuoso performances of Vasko Vassilev and the refined atmosphere of the club, as well as to immerse themselves in the world of The Macallan and to sign up for participation in a test drive of selected models from the Bentley range.

The global collaboration between The Macallan and Bentley Motors combines whisky craftsmanship and expertise in the world of luxury cars to inspire the creation of exciting new products offering consumers timeless luxury, combined with a commitment to a more sustainable world.

“Curiosity and creativity are just part of our identity. That's why we keep building on our partnership with Bentley Motors, sharing together the expertise we have in caring for nature and sustainability. We will continue to work side by side in the future, united by identical values in the name of innovations that reinvent a new side of ourselves and our common more sustainable tomorrow”, said Anna Metaxas, The Macallan Brand Ambassador for Eastern Europe and Greece, during the event.

The collaboration between The Macallan and Bentley Motors launched in 2021 and is initially focused on a shared vision of decarbonization. Under the umbrella of the global partnership is housed a knowledge-sharing program that aims for carbon-neutral travel for both companies by 2030. Additionally, the partners' efforts focus on sourcing sustainable materials and identifying and sharing sustainable local suppliers in manufacturing processes.

We are extremely happy with the collaboration of the two brands. To have a partner by our side with whom we can grow together on the path to an increasingly sustainable future is invaluable. This way, on the one hand, we always have someone to exchange experiences and ideas with and, on the other, someone to share our passion for exceptional quality, craftsmanship and our drive for sustainable innovation”, said Ionut Badea, Marketing & Product Manager at Bentley Motors in Romania.

The official distributor of The Macallan on the Bulgarian market is Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria.” It is a privilege for us, undoubtedly the most collected whisky in the world to be part of our company's portfolio. The Macallan's reputation is built on a product of exceptional quality and distinctive character, based on a set of guiding principles. We are delighted that Bulgarian whisky lovers have the opportunity to experience the unparalleled creativity and spirit behind each bottle and we will continue to provoke their interest with new surprises”, said Ivo Dimitrov, Coffee and Premium Spirits Business Director at Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria, on the occasion of the event.   

The whiskey producer and the British car brand are already actively working on common projects, with jointly developed products and curated customer experiences being just part of their development ideas, which connoisseurs in Bulgaria will have the opportunity to experience in the future.