Highland Park presents a new edition of the unique limited series dedicated to glorious moments of Bulgarian history

The distillery opens a new page in the series dedicated to the Bulgarian Revival - with Highland Park Single Cask Bulgaria 1762, inspired by the writing of "Slavic Bulgarian History"

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The great success of the first two Highland Park Single Cask Bulgaria series, dedicated to emblematic events of the First and Second Bulgarian Kingdoms, inspired the Scottish whiskey distillery to continue the collection with a new edition - Highland Park Single Cask Bulgaria 1762.

Highland Park 1762 Single Cask Series is a 12-year-old whiskey available in just 651 bottles and aged in a single European oak sherry cask, second bottling - especially for this release. The collector's amber drink is dedicated to the remarkable work of Saint Paisius of Hilendar, who, revealing the historical destiny of the Bulgarian people, getting to know its present, and looking into its future, created his small in volume, but immeasurable in content and meaning "Slavic Bulgarian History".

The distillery was founded in 1798 by Magnus Yunson - a clergyman by day and a whiskey producer by night, who started a unique brand and product corresponding in an unprecedented way with Bulgarian history.

The Highland Park Single Cask Bulgaria project, inspired by the fact that Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe, which has not changed its name since its creation, is unique worldwide both in terms of its theme and the fact that for the first time, the brand, which is distributed in our country by Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria, is launching products with Cyrillic labels on the market. The connection between the Viking heritage of the brand and the glorious moments of Bulgarian history is also unique.

The series bottled from only one cask - Single Cask - is a highly valued and multi-awarded practice in the whiskey industry. The concept includes a series of 3 collector's bottles that commemorate 3 key victories of the First Bulgarian Kingdom, as well as a second limited series of 3 editions dedicated to the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, and today opens a new page - with the first bottle inspired by the Bulgarian Revival.

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