Conor McGregor enters the ring of the Bulgarian whiskey market with his Proper № Twelve Irish Whiskey – in partnership with Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria

Bulgaria is the first and only Coca-Cola HBC market to launch the Irish MMA fighter’s legendary whiskey

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Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria is the new official distributor for the Bulgarian market of the triple-distilled whiskey Proper № Twelve Irish Whiskey, created by the UFC superstar, MMA fighter, and professional boxer – Conor McGregor. With this new addition to its portfolio, Bulgaria will become the first and only Coca-Cola HBC market, that owns the rights to launch the brand.

“We are happy to share that Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria is the first market in our group of 29 countries that will have the opportunity to distribute the famous Proper № Twelve Irish Whiskey. Adding the brand to our portfolio of high-quality alcoholic beverages is an important and extremely exciting step in our development”, shared Ivo Dimitrov, Coffee & Premium Spirits Business Director in Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria and added: “The Irish whiskey has established itself as the customers’ first choice in restaurants and bars in our country and we are certain that Proper № Twelve Irish Whiskey is the perfect choice for everyone, who appreciates high-quality alcoholic beverages and who wants to try a new and different taste, mixed with the traditional Irish nature.”

High-quality beverages are an important part of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria’s 24/7 portfolio, which aims to offer all customers a suitable drink for every time of the day and every occasion. The addition of the Proper № Twelve Irish Whiskey will perfectly complement the existing popular offers in the company’s “Whiskey” category. Made from Ireland’s finest grains and malts, the triple-distilled amber drink has an irresistible honeylike sweetness, captivating hints of vanilla, and aromatic toasted wood. The distinguishable taste is enriched with subtle hints of white pepper and the final touch is the incomparable oak sensation with a touch of caramel.

The brand, dedicated to people with strong personalities and will to win, is created in 2018 by the well-known Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor. In just a few years, it has successfully established itself worldwide, becoming the fourth best-selling Irish whiskey in the world. Before the impeccable taste in the bottle was made, the brand’s team tried around a hundred different mixtures to create a drink that will end up as a symbol of the Irish culture. Its home is chosen to be Ireland's oldest distillery. The number 12 in the name is also not a coincidence – it was inspired by Dublin 12 – the area where McGregor grew up. The creator of Proper № Twelve Irish Whiskey is famous around the world as someone who managed to go from a poor Irish boy to a two-time MMA champion, serving as an inspiration to those who are ambitious to win and to those who are not scared to follow their dreams.