Bar Masters 2023 - the bartending community's most iconic program, organized by Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria, will kick off in a matter of days

Professional bartenders wishing to take part in one of the biggest challenges the sector has to offer may apply for participation until the 31st of March

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The fifth edition of Bar Masters, one of Bulgaria's most popular programs for bartenders will kick off on the 4th of April 2023. For yet another year, the format, organized by Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria, will bring together the country's bartending community, providing an opportunity for a range of professional bartenders to learn from the most famous and established names in bar culture. The registration form for this year's cocktail adventure is still open and until the 31st of March, all those interested in testing and honing their knowledge and skills, have the opportunity to get involved by completing the short registration form at

World-renowned lecturers and respected Bulgarian mentors will guide participants through a series of challenges, useful webinars and engaging training sessions over several months and across four stages. This year, participants will embark on a cocktail adventure combining practical and theoretical training, a bartending camp, workshops in different cities and planning their own pop-up bars. The program will kick off on Tuesday, April 4, under the title Bar Master Academy, by professional mixologist David Rios, who is the 2013 winner of the Best Bartender in the World Award, the famous representatives of the Norwegian cocktail bar "HIMKOK" - Amanda Marchisio and Piersandro Marchisio, and by the big names of the pastry guild - Chef Radi Stambolov and Chef Borislav Exarkhov, who will provide the participants with valuable knowledge and guidance related to the bartending craft. The second stage in this year's challenge, which will be limited to the 50 best participants, is called Boot Camp. In it, competitors will be taken outside their comfort zone through a cohesive two-day bartending camp where they will gain in-depth knowledge of the bar industry as well as practical tips for creating signature cocktails and an interesting, engaging menu. Lecturers at this exciting stage will be Pekka Pelinen - professional mixologist for Brown Forman Finland Ltd., Darko Angelski and Petra Dimitrova, owners of "5L" bar and founders of "Bar Academy Bulgaria", and other established names in bar culture.

The following, well-known, third stage is related to the beloved pop-up bars, which will once again take over the summer season and will give the participants the opportunity to show their acquired knowledge and skills from the previous 2 stages, as well as to unleash their innate creativity, hospitality and organizational skills. Only the 20 most outstanding contestants will reach the last - fourth stage of the program and will compete for the title "Bar Master of Bulgaria 2023". The participants will present their iconic cocktails live in front of an audience and a jury.

Like every year, the finals of Bar Masters 2023 will be epic and highly competitive, showing that the cocktail culture in Bulgaria never stops evolving in line with global trends. In addition to grabbing the title of Bar Master of Bulgaria 2023, the winner will also receive a cash prize of BGN 5,000. The runner-up will receive a prize of 3,000 BGN and the third-place winner a cash prize of 2,000 BGN. Of course, the organizers have also prepared some special surprises.

For the fifth year, the Bar Masters program is held with the aim of creating a new generation of bartenders in Bulgaria - professionals who will build a cohesive, knowledgeable, capable and supportive community that will drive the industry to its peak. In search for the best Bar Master in Bulgaria in 2023. The most popular Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria brands - the beloved and known first carbonated soft drink in the world - Schweppes, the official whiskey partner of "THE WORLD'S 50 BEST BARS" - the Naked Malt brand, the uncompromising Gentleman Jack whisky, Finlandia vodka, the Brugal brand - with over 130 years of history in rum making, the premium gin brand BULLDOG, the newest member of the Jägermeister family - MANIFEST and the Italian coffee with over 140 years of history - Caffe Vergnano.