Jägermeister MANIFEST entered Whiskey Fest Sofia for the first time

Sofia traveled the world of whiskey from October 7th to 9th at Sofia Event Center. Connoisseurs of quality alcoholic beverages had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique atmosphere created by over 70 exhibitors who presented selections of over 200 types of whiskey, rum, and cognac.

Whiskey Fest 08.10.2022-14_sm Whiskey Fest 08.10.2022-14_sm

This year, for the first time, Jägermeister MANIFEST is participating in the event - the new member of the Jägermeister family in Bulgaria, which upgrades the familiar recipe of the German liquor masters and offers a completely new experience to its consumers.

Jägermeister MANIFEST is created according to the original Jägermeister recipe but upgraded with a 5th maceration of herbs and spices, double aging in oak barrels and more than 56 herbs, that include saffron, cardamom and vanilla. The taste of this high-quality liqueur is rich and full-bodied, with aromas of caramel, dried fruits, and slightly smoked wood tones at the finish. What sets it apart from the familiar Jägermeister is the use of wheat distillate in the production, which is aged for a minimum of 15 months in new charred French oak barrels. It is consumed in a low glass, neat or with an ice cube, because then the multi-layered flavor profile is unlocked to the fullest. At the same time, MANIFEST is also a perfect partner to classic cocktails like the Negroni, giving them a new and original interpretation.

“We are participating in this event, precisely with this drink, because we believe that in Bulgaria there are connoisseurs of real taste who are looking for new experiences”, said Lorand Papp, Jägermeister's regional director for Central and Eastern Europe, who came to Sofia especially for the opening at the festival. “Most people already know the taste of ice-cold Jägermeister shots, but with MANIFEST we go beyond that framework and offer something special, in which the master distillers have put even more passion, knowledge and skill. We wanted to create a super-premium herbal liqueur that resembles whiskey in its production process, but at the same time gives an interesting interpretation of this type of drink and creates a new category in itself. Jägermeister MANIFEST is a drink for bold visionaries who are not afraid to experiment in their personal style, professional approach, and the drinks with which they celebrate their lives and successes”, he added.

Triumphantly flawless for both special occasions and small moments, Jägermeister MANIFEST rewrites the rules of the liqueur category. Remarkable on its own or in the company of mixologists in recipes for signature cocktails, it gives a new direction to the Jägermeister brand in Bulgaria, and together with its distributor in our country - Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria, promise many more surprises for all connoisseurs. Full product information can be found here.