Cappy Welcomes the Spring with a New Line-Up of Fresh Portfolio Additions

The innovative Cappy Enhanced Blends supermixes help support the proper functioning of the immune system, bones and muscles by providing essential vitamins and minerals


Cappy has been a byword for delicious juices, nectars and fruit drinks suitable for the entire family for over 60 years now, with its flavours, designs and packaging constantly being re-invented and enhanced. With spring just around the corner, Cappy introduces yet another innovation to provoke the senses and lift the mood in the form of fresh fruit and vegetable supermixes that provide additional benefits for the proper maintenance of vitamin and mineral balance.

The new premium juice line Cappy Enhanced Blends is certain to delight everyone who values a balanced lifestyle with its two original flavors offered in a functional 1-liter packaging. They contribute to keeping you fit by supporting the proper functioning of the immune system, bones and muscles, while also ensuring a more enjoyable and complete start to each day by combining everyone's favourite fruits and veggies in a refreshing mix.

In the season of revitalisation, Cappy Strength Support offers a fresh new taste of masterfully blended orange, mango, apple and peach, with the essential vitamin D helping to maintain the normal condition of bones, as well as muscle function.

The brand also has yet another surprise in stock though. The new Cappy Immunity Support carries a promise of real delight and freshness with its original mix of orange, peach, carrot and apple, with the invaluable vitamin C, vitamin B12 and zinc supporting the proper functioning of the immune system. All of that comes conveniently in a one-liter package suitable both for family gatherings at home and outdoors, as well as for those moments throughout the day when we just want to do something good for ourselves and for our loved ones.

In the words of Dora Strezova-Nikolova, CEO of Coca-Cola Bulgaria, "We are happy that our line-up of Cappy Enhanced Blends helps us turn over a new leaf in Cappy’s success story of over 60 years dedicated to the idea that nature can offer everything we need for a full and balanced start of the day. I believe that the inspiring flavors and high-quality ingredients of the new Cappy supermixes will provide our customers with yet another fresh, vitamin and mineral-filled reason to start their day with a smile.

The new Cappy Strength Support and Cappy Immunity Support supermixes are already taking the Bulgarian market by storm and are available to anyone who values high quality and enjoys things that are both pleasant and beneficial to ensuring a well-balanced lifestyle.