Caffè Vergnano supports women in coffee farms around the world – and now from Bulgaria as well

During her first visit in Sofia, Carolina Vergnano presented the charity project „Women in Coffee”

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At a special event organized by Caffè Vergnano, Carolina Vergnano presented the cause and the results of the „Women in Coffee” project. Over a cup of aromatic Italian espresso, at The Residence Exclusive Club in Sofia, the CEO of the company, which is an important part of the family that has been creating the unique taste of Caffè Vergnano in Italy for 140 years now, spoke in detail about the international charity project „Women in Coffee” and about the challenges women face in the coffee industry. Caffè Vergnano stands behind the creation of the project and remains an essential part of its development, continuing to implement numerous initiatives and donating a portion of its profits and advertising materials to the charitable cause for free.

The „Women in Coffee” project was created in 2018 with the main goal of raising funds and supporting women in coffee farms. It was developed in collaboration between Caffè Vergnano and the International Women's Coffee Alliance (an international association aimed at raising funds to support women working in the coffee industry). Today, „Women in Coffee” is expanding its reach and supporting women in the coffee business worldwide. The charity stands behind a number of projects related to fighting against violence against women, children’s education and development and dozens of others. Some of the organization's activities include a completed project to order 20 coffee bakeries to support a Micro Lab managed by women in Hondo Valle, Dominican Republic, and an ongoing project to build a library for the residents of Marsala, Honduras.

“Our business is growing extremely fast, and all this is possible thanks to the people we work with. When I found out that 70% of the staff in the coffee farms were women, I was sure that I wanted to meet them and do something for these women. And this is how the idea of „Women in Coffee” was born”, shared Carolina Vergnano during the event and added: “I have always dreamed of not just being a part of the family business, but to help, give value, do something more, and the „Women in Coffee” project brings me real satisfaction. I am very happy that all the countries in which we offer this project remain so enthusiastic. I am glad that I am spending today in Bulgaria and have the opportunity to tell more about the organization's activities. The project raised our ambitions and I'm extremely proud of it, because it's important not only to me, but also to dozens of women and their families.”

The „Women in Coffee” project is a pink dream that was born a few years ago and started with a cup of aromatic Caffè Vergnano. It aims to achieve inclusion, respect and a better living and working environment for women in coffee farms around the world, and Bulgaria is the next country to take part in it. Caffè Vergnano is part of the 24/7 portfolio of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria, and our country was the first market of Coca-Cola HBC Group that started offering the popular Italian brand to its customers and consumers. The family-owned Italian company owns one of the oldest coffee roaster machines in Italy with roots dating back to 1882. Its product portfolio includes premium, high-quality coffee that represents Italian heritage and authenticity at its best.