Fanta challenges consumers to test their skills with #WhatTheFanta

A new interactive campaign invites fans to unravel the mystery around the new taste combination of the beverage

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Fanta has announced the launch of #WhatTheFanta - the new interactive campaign that challenges consumers to unravel the mystery around the beverage's new flavor combination. The activation starts in early May and will last until September 4, 2022, and is based on a brand new proposal for the Bulgarian market.

The campaign consists of several missions and will take place on the official website of Coca-Cola Bulgaria and on the Coca-Cola App, as well as on the company's social networks, where all clues can be found. Consumers have the opportunity to embark on the new challenge in the role of "tasters" who must reveal the four secret ingredients behind the new #WhatTheFanta taste.

Created especially for Generation Z users who live in color, love to rediscover the world and are not afraid to try new experiences and tastes, the limited edition #WhatTheFanta is inspired by mysterious tastes that provoke skills, senses, and imagination.

As they embark on a series of mysterious missions, fearless and curious fans of the brand have the chance to win various prizes, including drones, beach towels and suitcases inspired by the destination of mysterious taste. The colorful drink provokes fans to test whether they have the necessary skills to accept the challenge and unravel the secret taste of #WhatTheFanta.

‘Fun has always been at the heart of Fanta. Our first thought is "how can we bring freshness into our gray everyday life?" And when launching the new #WhatTheFanta campaign, it was no different, because we wanted to find new original ways to interact with our consumers. We know that everyone loves to be challenged to explore tastes and challenges – especially mystery ones, and now consumers have the opportunity to test their skills’ said Dora Strezova-Nikolova, CEO of Coca-Cola Bulgaria.

The limited #WhatTheFanta is available in 500 ml bottles and can be found in the retail network in the country between May and September 2022. Details of the campaign can be found on the website of Coca-Cola Bulgaria, as well as on Coca-Cola App (Google Play, App Store).

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