FUZETEA celebrates the power of fusion and beauty in contrast with a new fresh offer

The new FUZETEA Green Tea with Strawberry and Aloe Vera provokes the senses with a contrasting trio of gentle tea, refreshing fruity taste and aromatic herbal notes

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With summer approaching, FUZETEA inspires iced tea lovers to celebrate their uniqueness and embrace the quirks and contradictions that make them who they really are. Combining the contrasting fusion of tea leaves, fruity taste and herbal notes, the new FUZETEA Green Tea with Strawberry and Aloe Vera challenges consumers to welcome bold combinations in all aspects of life and appreciate their individuality in all its complexity.

FUZETEA “MADE OF FUSION” consists of a contrasting trio of gentle tea, refreshing fruit flavor and aromatic herbal notes which provide sensational taste and a unique experience for the senses, while giving a moment of calmness and relaxation. Enjoying FUZETEA Green Tea with Strawberry and Aloe Vera inspires moments of "active rest" and longued relaxation, that both calm the mind and recharge the body, leaving us refreshed and reinvigorated.

“The truth is that as human beings, we are full of contrasts and contradictions. As a brand, FUZETEA wants to celebrate this beautiful complexity because we believe that amazing things happen through a fusion of contrasts”, said George Wynn, senior director of Brand Strategy Tea at The Coca-Cola Company. “We firmly believe that the combination of sensory experiences and moments of calm and relaxation is key to maintaining balance and enjoyment on the part of consumers. That is why we urge them to take some time to celebrate their differences and embrace their contrasts”, he added.

Combining a unique blend of flavors and aromas, FUZETEA contains only natural sweeteners to ensure calorie-free enjoyment and meet the growing consumer demand for low-calorie products without compromising on captivating taste. FUZETEA tea extracts are derived from 100% sustainably sourced tea leaves from carefully selected and certified by The Rainforest Alliance farms in the most suitable locations in the world.

The new FUZETEA Green Tea with Strawberry and Aloe Vera is available in 100% recyclable 500ml and 1.5L PET bottles, and can now be found in stores across the country, as a fresh addition to the wide range of well-known and beloved flavors of the brand. FUZETEA fans can find details about the campaign on the Coca-Cola Bulgaria website.