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Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria with a prestigious TRUE LEADERS award

The company was awarded as one of the most successful in Bulgaria for 2022 in the eleventh edition of the ICAP CRIF Bulgaria initiative

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Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria was awarded as one of the most successful companies in Bulgaria for 2022 in the prestigious business initiative TRUE LEADERS. The eleventh edition of TRUE LEADERS, organized by ICAP CRIF Bulgaria, the largest business information services group in Southeastern Europe, recognized the leading 86 companies in Bulgaria that have distinguished themselves as leaders in their sector over the past year. The official award ceremony on 7 December brought together executives from leading Bulgarian and international companies, as well as representatives from industry chambers and business associations from across the country.

For another year Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria has won the prestigious award for the leader in the Food and Beverage sector, thanks to its stable leading position in the industry, its high credit rating, and other objective criteria. The economic impact of the Coca-Cola System in Bulgaria, which for the past year was expressed in added value of BGN 792 million, also contributed to the award. The system generates 1% of the country's tax revenue, which is equivalent to half of the state's annual cultural budget or the annual cost of educating 110,000 students. Every BGN 1 spent on Coca-Cola beverages generates BGN 0.75 in revenue for Bulgaria and the economic contribution amounts to 0.5% of the country's GDP.

”The TRUE LEADERS recognition is among the most valuable for us because it assesses measurable criteria. It is another sign that despite the many global and local challenges we face, our team is exactly where it needs to be and together we will continue to do our best to achieve the ambitious commitments we have made”, said Krum Stoimenov, CFO of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria, during the award ceremony. ”This award is also a recognition for our customers and partners, as together we keep proving that we are not just walking on the beaten track but blazing new trails - with a continuously growing portfolio, optimized processes, sustainable solutions, and record performance. Our socio-economic results are proof of this”, he added.

The prestigious TRUE LEADERS initiative is organized by ICAP CRIF Bulgaria and recognizes all companies in the country that simultaneously meet several measurable and objective criteria such as: high profitability, increase or retention of staff, credit stability and leading position in the sector of activity.