The business model of Coca‑Cola HBC is at the heart of everything we do. It defines the activities we are involved in, the relationships we depend on and the goals we endeavour to achieve in order to create value for all stakeholders in the short, medium and long term.

We add value by…

Bankia production line
Production line in Bankia plant
  • Optimising our production infrastructure continuously….

Coca-Cola 750ml
  • Meeting evolving consumer preferences and operating a sustainable, responsible business in the communities where we work...

  • And manufacturing in a cost-efficient way to ensure that we produce responsibly and strengthen our profitability.

According to the socio-economic impact study of The Coca‑Cola System in Bulgaria, in 2017 we created аdded value to the Bulgarian economy equaling 0,6% of GDP of the country.The Coca‑Cola System has paid 236 million BGN through salaries, profit and taxes. Thus we account for 1,2 percent of the country's gross tax revenue.This equals the yearly experiences for 87 700 students.


Coca-Cola Ambassadors

How we share value:

  • Our business has indirect impact on 19 800 jobs and directly to 2 300 employees in The System.
  • Total values: 0,7% of the work-force in Bulgaria
  • 1 job in The System of Coca‑Cola supports 7 other jobs in Bulgaria