We team up the knowledge, resources and experience of The Coca‑Cola Company with our expertise in bottling, distribution and sales to create value for our customers, consumers and the wider community.

The Coca‑Cola System has a significant economic impact on the Bulgarian economy, expanding beyond its direct contribution. In 2017, the System:

The Coca‑Cola System enables substantial tax payments along its value chain:

The Coca‑Cola System provides high-quality employment and is associated with a substantial number of jobs in the wider economy:

Line of the different Coca-Cola bottles over the decades
The Evolution of the Coca‑Cola Bottle
  • The production of Coca‑Cola in Bulgaria dates back to 1965
  • 346 million litres of soft drinks sold, which means about 49 litres for each Bulgarian
  • BGN 105 million invested in local suppliers
  • BGN 152 million VAT paid on our products
  • BGN 560 million added value