Pursuing excellence with every step

Local impact

We work together every day to produce and distribute various beverages, and to support our customers in delivering them to everyone, everywhere.


By the numbers

We team up the knowledge, resources and experience of The Coca‑Cola Company with our expertise in bottling, distribution



We truly believe that good companies offer excellent products, while the best ones strive to make the world a better place to live.

Partnership & sponsorship

Partnership with the Bulgarian Red Cross


We at Coca‑Cola HBC believe that creating a sustainable future is a global effort. It is by working with others that we can promote change and respond effectively to challenges.

World Genius Record 2017 with bottles


In line with our corporate social responsibility strategy at Coca‑Cola HBC Bulgaria, we support events and initiatives that promote wellbeing and support local communities.

Hanged Coke bottles

Creating and sharing value

Sustainability is integrated across every aspect of our business as we look to create and share value for all our stakeholders.