Are you at the beginning of your career? We are looking for talented graduates to lead our business going forward.

Management Trainee program

Management Trainee, our management trainee program, recruits talented young people with the potential to become the successful managers who will lead our company in the future.


Managment Trainees

What do you get from the programme?

Management Trainee is more than just a development programme. It’s a real job that puts your career on fast track. It’s a unique experience that gives you cross-functional knowledge for our company, together with an opportunity to develop your leadership skills. You’ll be rewarded with a competitive salary and a chance to work on projects that influence our business in real time. 

On top of that, you’ll become part of the management trainees community network that encompasses all Coca‑Cola HBC countries. It will bring you not only international experience, but also an opportunity to expand your career abroad. 

How is the programme designed?

It targets new graduates or talents at the early stage of their careers.

The key factors for success are a strong desire to develop the professional and leadership potential, team work, desire for learning and passion for getting better in what you do. The Management Trainee programme lasts for two years and blends on-the-job experience with structured trainings in a supportive learning environment.  It is designed to sustain high levels of performance and maximise your potential.

Management trainees conference

You start with a comprehensive onboarding part and shadowing into the function you wish to develop. You work hand by hand with your mentor on challenging business projects. Based on your input, by the end of the programme you may occupy a permanent position and start your journey towards a manager role. We use a thorough set of performance indicators to track progress and measure the success of the overall programme. This empowers you to develop your professional profile and career.

Coke Internship

Coke Internship is our summer internship programme intended to support the development of young people at the early stages of their career path.

Coke Interns

Our interns obtain new knowledge and skills through hands-on experience and benefit from the support of their dedicated mentors. This enables them to acquire valuable practical experience and develop professional habits and personal skills.

Coke Intern
What made me join the Coke Internship is that the company cherishes, values and supports young people in Bulgaria by fostering their talents. Here, students can connect the dots between theory and practice while getting valuable professional experience. Gabriela Stoyanova, Intern in Sales Customer Service unit Office - Sofia
Coke Interns

Find out more on Coke Internship website:

Coke Intern
At first, I was attracted to the company's cool team and friendly, open culture. Now that I’m here and have got to know more about the company values, vision and opportunities, I’m convinced it’s the right place for me. Nayden Rashkov, Intern in Sustainability Department Office - Sofia
Coke internship