I like being a part of Coca‑Cola HBC, because I have unique colleagues, who are my friends, too. And I work for leading brands, which inspires me every day.

1. It is difficult for me, when …

There are no difficulties, there are just learnings. "The storm is not trying to overthrow you, but to make you stronger!"

2. The most valuable lesson I have ever learned is …

Impossible is nothing

3. Your favorite product in our portfolio?

It is not just one – Coke& Jack 😊

Each of us in Coca‑Cola Hellenic family is unique, but we also have common characteristics – we are energetic, achieve high results, while we have fun together. Maxim Lilyanov, Team leader, Sales Function

5. How do you achieve high results? With persistence, result-orientation and patience.

6. Sales are … passion.

7. The good salesperson is … like a child – he/she always achieve own goals.

8. I am proud with … my colleagues and most of all – my team.

9. What would you fill in an empty Coca‑Cola bottle?

Many shared moments with family and friends.

10. If you have 500 EUR, how would you double them in 24 hours?

There is no ready-made recipe. Everything is achievable with much and right effort.

11. Share with us something that few people know about you … I love Italy, I also studied Italian and in order to prove it I will translate my favorite Coca‑Cola motto “tutto inizia con me” - “It all starts with me”!