We offer mineral and spring water in various packages to delight our consumers.

The Coca‑Cola System in Bulgaria acquired production facilities and the Bankia Source of Life trademark in 2005. By adding a product as basic as water, we enriched our product range and consumer outreach.

Bankia is unprocessed mineral water extracted from naturally occurring underground springs. It comes from 740 metres below ground and boasts outstanding natural purity, stable physical and chemical composition, and low mineral content. Due to its low mineral content (the total mineralisation of Bankia water is 327.87 mg/l) and delightful fresh taste, it can be drunk every day. 

Bankia is fully compliant with Bulgarian and EU regulations on natural mineral water and is bottled to the highest quality standards.


In 2018 in Bulgaria we have introduced spring water Rosa.

Rosa is natural spring water providing the everyday care that every family member needs.

Thanks to its purity and low mineralization, Rosa spring water is suitable for everyday use by the whole family, including baby food preparation.


Bankia twist bottle
The innovative Twist bottle

We are bottling Bankia and Rosa in our revolutionary PlantBottle™ bottle, the first ever fully recyclable bottle for drinks made of PET plastic and produced of 30 percent vegetable materials.

Because the finished packaging product is essentially PET plastic, PlantBottle™ packaging possesses the same characteristics (durability, recyclability, weight, chemical composition, appearance), but reduces potential carbon dioxide emissions and the dependence on fossil fuels (petroleum) compared to traditional PET.                    

PlantBottle™ is fully recyclable, the resulting material can be used to produce new bottles or in a number of other recycled PET applications.