Still drinks

We produce and/or distribute a wide range of still soft drinks, from juices and ice tea to energy drinks.


Coca‑Cola HBC Bulgaria manufactures and offers a wide and varied range of still soft drinks, including Cappy, Cappy Pulpy and Fuzetea. We meet the tastes of  Bulgarian consumers by offering a number of seasonal variations of our still products. 



We’re always creating flavours and packaging to surprise and excite our customers, whatever the season.  


Energy drinks

Our offering of energy drinks in the Bulgarian market includes the Monster brand of Hansen's, a US company that has been producing juices and fruit carbonated drinks since 1930. The company launched an energy drink under the Monster Energy brand for the first time in 2002, and four years later, the drink became number one in its category in the USA.

In 2008, Hansen's signed a contract with Coca‑Cola Enterprises for the distribution of Monster in the USA. Two years later, Coca‑Cola Hellenic started distributing Monster in the European market. The drink made its debut in the Bulgarian market in December 2010.