Cappy has been available in Bulgaria since February 2002. Today, Cappy offers a portfolio of over 35 products in its mainstream range of juices, nectars and fruit drinks.

Cappy tomato
Cappy Tomato Juice

Cappy juices

Are manufactured using "concentrate-based" technology. Adding sweeteners is not allowed. The sweetness in the product comes only from the sugars contained naturally in the fruits.

  • Cappy Orange 100%
  • Cappy Pineapple (99,9%)
  • Cappy Tomato (99,4%)
Cappy orange
Cappy Orange

Cappy nectars

The legislation defines the minimum fruit content in fruit nectars. It is from 25% to 50% for different fruits. Water and sweeteners are added to the nectar.

  • Cappy Multivitamin (min. 50%)
  • Cappy Orange (min. 51%)
  • Cappy Apple (min. 50%)
  • Cappy Black currant (25%)
Cappy Pulpy
Cappy Pulpy

Cappy juice drinks

All fruit products outside Juice and Nectars do not fall under the requirements of the regulations and the ordinance. There is no limit to the amount of fruit content, in addition to coloring, sweetening, flavoring and other supplements.

  • Cappy Mix Strawberry (min. 35%)
  • Cappy Blood Orange (min. 26%)
  • Cappy Peach (min. 42%)
  • Cappy Sour Cherry (min. 10%)
  • Cappy Apricot (min. 35%)
  • Cappy Banana (19%)
  • Cappy Green Apple (min. 20%)
  • All Cappy Pulpy products