Strategic priorities

To deliver our vision we focus on four strategic priorities.

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Community trust

Building trust within our communities

We believe that our business can only be as healthy and strong as the communities in which we operate. In the long run, healthy, sustainable businesses require thriving communities.

Trust is the foundation of our relationships with shareholders, customers, consumers, employees, institutions and business partners, and we build trust through responsible, sustainable management of our business.

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For more than a decade, we have worked to embed corporate responsibility and sustainability into all of our business processes and decisions. We identified the environmental and social issues that are most material to our business, consulted with key stakeholders and developed ambitious strategies and commitments to create value for all stakeholders and minimise negative impacts. We have also consistently set ambitious long-term targets and reported against them, holding ourselves accountable to delivering on our commitments.

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Consumer relevance

Offering our consumers the right products for all occasions

For Coca‑Cola HBC, consumer relevance means meeting and exceeding consumer expectations by offering the right products, in the right packs, through the right channels for the right occasion. These products must be consistently fresh, in premium condition, and presented cold when that is appropriate.

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Customer preference

Delivering the products and services our customers expect

Building successful relationships with our customers is fundamental to our success. We work hard to ensure our people are constantly focused on customer needs and satisfaction. We aim to exceed expectations in terms of delivery and execution to be the best supplier, and work as partners in creating value to achieve the best relationship.

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Cost leadership

Focusing on a cost efficiency mindset

In 2016, raw material costs were stable compared to 2015, and foreign exchange movements in certain countries continued to have an adverse impact on our profitability. However, our focus on cost control continued, and this helped to ensure that the increase in revenues due to price and product mix improvements benefited our bottom line. Our comparable operating margin increased from 7.5 percent for 2015 to 8.3 percent for 2016.

In addition to managing the cost structure of the business, we continued to improve our ability to use natural resources efficiently. We have taken additional steps to ensure that we achieve our long-term targets to reduce water and energy consumption, and contribute to the achievement of global goals regarding climate and clean water. In 2016, we invested a total of €10.7 million in water‑ and energy-saving initiatives during the year, and we estimate that these investments will be recouped through lower energy and water costs by 2019.