We are extremely happy and proud to share with you that Bulgarian university students named Coca‑Cola HBC Bulgaria an employer of choice in 2017. This recognition came from the first Graduate Survey in Bulgaria.

In the first graduate survey carried out in Bulgaria, university students named Coca Cola HBC Bulgaria an employer of choice in 2017. The survey asked 7,003 students from 52 universities across Bulgaria how they felt about local employers. The Graduate Survey is an independent international poll that measures young talents' preferences for the merits they think the preferred employer should have. The 200 local companies evaluated by respondents were selected through a special methodology with some of the criteria being: activity in the labor market, communication, popularity among young people, etc.

 Bulgarian students responded to questions such as:

  • Please name the companies which you consider employers of first, second and third choice   
  • What makes Company No 1 an employer of first choice?
  • Which are the three words that describe best your employer of first choice?